Do you have what it takes to change fate?

Welcome to the island world of DroutLand, home to the merciless, vile Task Master. You have entered a space out of time, wherein you are adrift and at the mercy of the all knowing, wretched creature known as the Task Master. You have come to change your fate, and so have made the dangerous trek to DroutLand, where the Task Master rules. Here you are it’s plaything, you fight and die for it’s amusement. If you succeed, the Task Master will give you your heart’s one desire. But if you fail, you will join it’s ranks of Puppets, the playthings of the Task Master, avatars of it’s wanton cruelty.

This is a campaign setting for those who wish to transcend the usual hack and slash, dungeon crawling experience and really get a chance to try something unique, challenging and ultimately rewarding. It can be played with 2 to 6 characters, preferably with characters willing and able to transcend the well hashed rolls of rigid party structure. See the General Rules and Character Creation pages before rolling up a character. You can also see the Overview section to gain more information of what is to come.

The Fate of the Task Master