Task Master

The Task Master

All knowing, all seeing, the Task Master is a god of sorts. His history is vague. Some legends claim that he was divine and created DroutLand to serve his own need for entertainment. Such stories say that the Task Master was a cruel, vicious god who only wished to watch his creations suffer and toil for meager rewards. The other divines, seeking at least some peaceful coexistence with their mortal playthings, banished Task Master. Other sources claim that Task Master was mortal once, and that through acquiring some magic treasure (some claim it was the Threads of Fate) he ascended to a god-like mantle. In any case, the Task Master now holds the title of Divine Master.

The nature of the Task Master is both simple and complex, as is his domain. The Task Master has grown weary with divine authority, wherein nothing can challenge him. The only thrill he can have is vicariously, by watching adventurers battle across the multiverse. This vicarious pleasure eventually gave the Task Master the idea of offering treasure beyond mortal imaginings to whomever could complete his 20 challenges. Many have tried. Of those who have finished, no one can say. But those who fail are forever doomed to be the Task Master’s playthings, his Puppets.

The Task Master mostly follows the laws of his domain, though he has been known to bend them in order to enhance his own pleasure. Sometimes he is a savior, at other times, he is a hinderance. Know that he will never tell a direct lie, though he as been known to withhold certain aspects of the truth.

Task Master

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