Welcome to the Domain of the Task Master

You have arrived at DroutLand, a forbidden world beyond that which you have ever known. You have come here because you wish to revise your fate. Your heart’s only desire is beyond your ability to attain by other methods and the Gods you know have been silent to your plight. Your crossing here now leaves you stranded, your Gods and your Magic will not avail you now. You are committed to the challenges of the Task Master.

You will undergo 20 challenges. These will test your strength, your intelligence, your prowess with the Arcane and Divine, your speech craft, your stealth, your wits and you sanity. Each challenge has multiple solutions, there is no one way to solve any given puzzle. You will be tested, and if you fail, you will find yourself banished here forever more.

Are you ready?


The Fate of the Task Master TheGreatDungeonMaster